From the President’s Pen: A time for discipline

Coronavirus has changed the world. The virus has claimed victims and brought grief. The economy has declined everywhere and the consequences will be with us even longer than the disease itself.

From the President’s Pen: Eastern integration

The most far-reaching news of the weekend may have come from the Far East. The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), approved in Hanoi on Sunday, has already been characterised as the world’s largest free trade agreement. The prime minister of China appears to have described the new agreement as a victory for both multilateralism and free trade.

From the President’s pen: Prejudice comes by stealth

During this Covid-19 pandemic, everybody’s behaviour has changed, if only because of the restrictions. Changes have also taken place in our minds. Many focus on cherishing the best things and values they know and worry about the people closest to them. A lot of people are weighed down by heavy burdens: how can I make ends meet? Have I already lost too much? Will I ever manage to return to normal life? Will I be able to avoid catching this serious disease?