Third Aide-de-Camp

Tino Savolainen

Lieutenant colonel

Born 26 September 1976 in Karstula
Married, 2 children

Naval Academy 1997–2001
General Staff Officer’s degree, National Defense University 2011–2013

Third Aide-de-Camp to the President of the Republic, 2018
Deputy Chief of Staff, Utti Jaeger Regiment 20172018
Staff Officer, Army Command 20152017
Head of Sector, Utti Jaeger Regiment 20132014
Company Commander, Utti Jaeger Regiment 20112012
Company Commander, European Union Battle Group (NLBG) 20102011
Company Deputy Commander, Utti Jaeger Regiment 20062010
Instructor, Utti Jaeger Regiment 20022006

He has taken part in many international military crisis management operations.