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The President of the Republic of Finland
News, 5/28/2001

Calendar of the President of the Republic of Finland Week 22/2001

Calendar for the week

The President's programme for the coming week is published on these pages each Monday. It consists mainly of her public appearances and meetings in addition to a great variety of other events and audiences. The programme as published is subject to change.

Week 22 28.5 - 3.6.2001

Tuesday 29.5.

15.10 Meeting with Prime Minister Göran Persson of Sweden, Presidential Palace

19.30 Finnish Broadcasting Company's 75th anniversary concert, Finlandia Hall

Wednesday 30.5.

14.00 Closing of the Congress of the Central Organization of Finnish Trade Unions (speech), Helsinki Fair Centre

Thursday 31.5.

12.15 Presentation of credentials by the Ambassador of Tunisia, Presidential Palace

Friday 1.6.

11.00 Presidential session, Council of State

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