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The President of the Republic of Finland: Events

The President of the Republic of Finland


Time /Date Group Event Venue
2/23/2012 Visits abroad High-level conference on Somalia London, United Kingdom
2/21/2012 Visits abroad Visit to Stockholm Stockholm, Sweden
2/10/2012 - 2/11/2012 Visits abroad European Presidents in Finland Helsinki, Finland
1/31/2012 - 2/3/2012 Visits abroad Delhi Sustainable Development Summit Delhi, India
1/30/2012 Visits abroad Visit to Tallinn Tallinn, Estonia
1/25/2012 Visits abroad Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe Strasbourg, France
1/17/2012 Visits abroad Visit to Moscow Moscow, Russia
1/15/2012 Visits abroad Visit to Copenhagen Copenhagen, Denmark
1/9/2012 - 1/13/2012 Visits abroad Visit to the United States Washington DC / New York, USA
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