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The President of the Republic of Finland: Pictures

The President of the Republic of Finland


Rontti. Copyright © Tarja HalonenMiska. Copyright © Tarja HalonenRontti taking a nap. Copyright © Tarja Halonen
Miska. Copyright © Jukka RapoRontti. Copyright © Jukka RapoMiska. Copyright © Jukka Rapo
Red-eared turtle Miki. Copyright © Tarja HalonenRed-eared turtle Kiki. Copyright © Tarja HalonenYpäjä's Horse Institute has given President Halonen a horse, Ypäjä Tarja.
President Halonen's horse Ypäjä Tarja in Ypäjä's Horse Institute. Copyright © Kaisa KähöYpäjä Tarja. Copyright © Tarja HalonenYpäjä Tarja galloping. Copyright © Ypäjä's Horse Institute
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Updated 12/10/2009

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