From the President’s Pen: A time for discipline

Coronavirus has changed the world. The virus has claimed victims and brought grief. The economy has declined everywhere and the consequences will be with us even longer than the disease itself.

The situation in the world is getting worse. In Finland, things are better than in many countries, but we, too, are moving in the same direction. The situation in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area is particularly alarming.

Now remember: each of us has an important role. This not just about our own safety, but also about the safety of those close to us. Recently, we have heard that infection spreads particularly within family circles. It always comes from somewhere, however.

For some people the disease is fatal, some are mildly affected, others suffer somewhere in between. We cannot know in advance how the virus will affect each of us. Whose child, parent or grandparent will be more severely affected by the disease. Above all, the extensive spread of the disease is a danger to risk groups, which comprise many people.

So follow the instructions, from masks to hand washing and maintaining a safe distance. But, first and foremost, be aware of the danger and keep it in mind. Self-discipline is not suffering – it will save us from suffering.

Restrictive measures are also needed. Right now in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, consideration is being given to whether the current restrictions are sufficient. The matter is primarily in the hands of the municipalities in the area, but ultimately the Government may decide. This would, however, require the introduction of the Emergency Powers Act. It appears it would be best if solutions were now sought together.