From the President’s pen: Finland takes the fight against terrorism seriously

Turkey’s concern over terrorism needs to be taken seriously. A large amount of Turkish people, ordinary citizens, have lost their lives in terrorist attacks.

On our official visit to Turkey in 2015, together with my spouse, we could at close range follow the aftermath of an attack in Ankara; then we wanted to show our compassion to the loved ones of the victims and to condemn the act.

Finland condemns terrorism in all its forms and manifestations and works actively to prevent it. Finland’s approach and deeds in fighting terrorism are already now fully aligned with the general line of NATO countries, also regarding the terrorism Turkey is facing. Also in this respect, the conditions of our membership are met.

The dialogue with Turkey on this situation needs to continue.

In Finland, an amendment of the criminal code came into force this year. It expands and makes stricter the punishable scope of terrorism crimes. I also want to stress that when Finland respects the international human rights principles, and the laws that have been derived from them, it is in no way in contradiction with effective counter-terrorism measures.

I can naturally not state the positions of Sweden, but according to my understanding our approaches are quite similar.

In the photo, President Niinistö and President of Turkey Erdoğan together with their spouses lay flowers on the scene of the Ankara bombing on 14 October 2015.