Jenni Haukio
Born in Pori 7 April 1977
Married to Sauli Väinämö Niinistö 2009–,
son Aaro b. 2018
Doctor of Social Sciences


Programme Manager, Turku International Book Fair, 2/2012–02/2022
Communications Manager, National Coalition Party, Helsinki 8/2007–1/2012
Executive Director, National Coalition Party in Satakunta, Pori 8/2005–7/2007
Parliamentary Assistant, Parliament 5/2003–7/2005
Public Relations Officer, Shortsea Promotion Centre Finland / University of Turku, Centre for Maritime Studies, Pori Unit 5/2002–4/2003
Research Assistant, University of Turku, Faculty of Social Sciences 10/2001–3/2002
Before and during the time she was studying Haukio also worked as an athletics school instructor in the summer, and among others as a research assistant, office and project worker, and ledger keeper.

Positions of trust and organisational activities

Member of the Board of Trustees, WWF Finland, 2021–
Member of the Board of Trustees of the Turku University Foundation 2020–
Chair of the Supervisory Board of the New Children’s Hospital Foundation 2019–2023
Board Member of the Finnish National Theatre 2015–
Editor of Lumooja magazine, published by the Kapustarinta writers’ association 2000–2001
Editor of Tuhatkunta, bulletin of the Student Union of the National Coalition Party 2000
Editor of Suomen Nainen, bulletin of the Women’s League of the National Coalition Party 2003–2007
Chair of the writers’ union Kapustarinta 2000–2001
Chair of Akateemiset Kansalliset Nuoret (Turku branch of the Student Union of the National Coalition Party) 2001
Board Member of Tuhatkunta, Student Union of the National Coalition Party 2001

Haukio is also a member of the Union of Finnish Writers, the Finnish Literature Society,
the Kalevala Society and the National Defence Course Association.

Awards and honours

Axel Gabriel Ingelius Award, Akademiska Orkestern vid Åbo Akademi, 2023
Literary Award, P. E. Svinhufvud Memorial Foundation 2023
Kirjaporvari recognition, Finnish Book Publishers Association 2019
‘Thanks from the Animals’ Award, Finnish Federation of Animal Welfare Associations SEY and Finnish Entertainment and Culture Association 2019
Nortamo Award, Satakunta Literary Society 2019
Pallas Athene Award, Aalto University 2019
Larin Paraske Award, Kaleva Women’s Association 2015
Pro Animalia Award, Animalia – Animal Protection Association 2014

Gold Medal of Merit, Finnish Crafts Organization Taito 2023
Gold Medal of Merit, Finnish Association of Lotta Tradition 2022
Gold Medal of Merit, Finnish Local Heritage Federation 2019
Gold Medal of Merit, Metsähallitus 2019
Cross of Merit, Disabled War Veterans Association of Finland 2017
Medal of Merit, War Veterans Association of Finland 2017
Cross of Honour, Front-line Veterans Association of Finland 2015



Haukio, Jenni (2022): From the ideal of open interactivity to the reality of internal mobilisation? The strategic dimensions and dilemmas of parties’ digital election campaigning. Doctoral dissertation research. University of Helsinki, Faculty of Social Sciences.

Haukio, Jenni (2012): Suomalaisten vaalikoneiden sisällöt: mediajatkeista kohti yksilöllistä yhteisöllisyyttä? (“Contents of Finnish Voting Advice Applications: from media extensions to individual collectivism?”) Article in the Politiikka journal 1/2012. Publication of the Finnish Political Science Association.

Haukio, Jenni (2007): Puolueiden puolueelliset vaalikoneet? (“Are the Party Election Engines Biased?”) Pages 77–101 in the publication Suojanen, Maria & Talponen, Jarno (eds.): Vallaton vaalikone (“The Unruly Election Engine”). SoPhi, Minerva Publishing Ltd, Helsinki.

Haukio, Jenni & Suojanen, Maria (2004): Vaalikone poliittisena mediana (“Election Engine as a Political Medium”). Review in the Politiikka journal 2/2004. Publication of the Finnish Political Science Association.


Published poems: Reviiri – uuden kirjallisuuden vuosikirja (“Reviiri – Annual of New Literature”) (1997). Anthology of poetry and prose. Published by the Regional Arts Council of Turku and Pori.

Haukio, Jenni (1999): Paitasi on pujahtanut ylleni (“Your shirt has slipped over me”). Debut poetry collection that gained first prize in the Runo-Kaarina poetry competition. City of Kaarina.

Published poems: Fenix 5 (2002). Anthology of poetry and prose. Published by the literary art association Sanataiteen yhdistys ry, Helsinki.

Haukio, Jenni (2003): Siellä minne kuuluisi vihreää ja maata (“There where greenery and earth should be”). Poetry collection. Savukeidas Publishing. Vammala Press.

Published poems: The Flesh of the Bear (2004): Bilingual Anthology. Poems from North East England & South West Finland. Anthology of poems. Published by Ek Zuban, Middlesborough.

Haukio, Jenni & Fox, Kate (2007): We Are Not Stone. Bilingual poetry pamphlet. Poetry collection. Published by Ek Zuban, Middlesborough.

Haukio Jenni (2009): Sinä kuulet sen soiton (“You Hear the Music”). Poetry collection. Savukeidas Publishing. AS Pakett, Tallinn.

Haukio, Jenni (ed.)(2017): Katso pohjoista taivasta – Runoja Suomesta (“Look at the northern sky – Poems from Finland”). Poetry anthology. Otava, Helsinki.

Haukio, Jenni (2023): Sinun tähtesi täällä – Vuodet tasavallan presidentin puolisona (“Serving a Greater Purpose: My Years as First Lady of Finland”). Memoir. WSOY, Helsinki.