Comment to the media by the President of the Republic of Finland on 2 December 2021

Following media enquiries, the President of the Republic of Finland has commented on Finland’s relations with NATO:

“Russia’s criticism concerning NATO enlargement and military activities is not new. Finland considers NATO to be a factor that is fostering security and stability in Europe. Maintaining a national room to manoeuvre and freedom of choice is the foundation of Finland’s foreign, security and defence policy. This also includes the possibility of military alignment and applying for NATO membership. An important part of this is NATO’s “Open Door Policy”, meaning that NATO keep its membership open to states that meet the NATO requirements. This principle was last restated with regard to Finland during the visit of the North Atlantic Council to Helsinki at the end of October. Decisions concerning the accession of new members are made between the applicant country and the 30 NATO members, and decisions on membership are a matter for the applicant and NATO member countries.”