Independence Day will be celebrated at the Presidential Palace taking coronavirus restrictions and recommendations into account

Finland’s Independence Day will be celebrated this year in a new way. Instead of the traditional reception, President of the Republic of Finland Sauli Niinistö and Mrs Jenni Haukio have invited viewers to celebrate Independence Day remotely. During the evening, viewers will follow events from the Presidential Palace and also see how Independence Day is celebrated in different parts of Finland.

The Office of the President of the Republic has closely followed the development of the coronavirus situation in the planning of the Independence Day programme. The arrangements have been adapted to the situation so that the programme can be made safely. Special precautions will be adhered at the Presidential Palace, as will the coronavirus restrictions and recommendations in force in Helsinki and Uusimaa.

The Independence Day broadcast and preparations for it will be carried out in accordance with Regional State Administrative Agency guidelines on assembly restrictions. Remote-controlled and unattended cameras will be used to broadcast the events. At the Presidential Palace, safe distances and hygiene practices will be closely observed and wearing of face masks recommended.

Health security has also been taken into account with regard to ventilation and air purification. Precautions also include extensive coronavirus testing of those working at the Presidential Palace on Independence Day.

Some of the performances and regional broadcasts to be seen on Independence Day evening have been pre-recorded during Independence Day Week. In addition, the composition of performer groups has been reduced and some of the performances consist of several parts recorded at different times.

The celebration will be organised in partnership with Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle, which will broadcast the Independence Day events live on channel Yle TV 1.