Internationalisation Awards of the President of the Republic of Finland to Relex, Peikko, Bayer and Maria 01

President of the Republic of Finland Sauli Niinistö granted the 2021 Internationalisation Awards on Friday, 19 November. The Newcomer Award was won by Relex Solutions, which develops logistics management software, and the Growth Company Award went to Peikko, a manufacturer of connectors for concrete construction. This year, for the first time, an award was granted to a Long-term International Investor for creating significant economic value for the Finnish economy. The investor award was won by the pharmaceutical company Bayer. Startup Campus Maria 01, which operates in Helsinki, received the Community Award.

“The success of the award winners is based on excellence and a willingness to grow and take risks in a changing market, while not forgetting responsibility. All the winners are united by one characteristic over others – a strong will to grow internationally,” said President Niinistö in his video greeting.

“In the 2020s, Finland’s wellbeing will be based even more on the ability of small and medium-sized enterprises, which are renewing our economy, to grow and create new jobs. Finland also needs new investments from both domestic and foreign companies. The importance of investment is underlined at this time when, after the recession, our economy needs sustainable growth.”

The President of the Republic’s Internationalisation Awards are bestowed annually in recognition of Finnish, internationally successful companies or communities. In addition to international success, the assessment focuses on the ethics of operations and impact on the development of Finnish expertise and employment as well as foreign investment and promoting Finland as an innovation environment. The companies have managed to continue healthy business operations despite the coronavirus crisis.

Representatives of Peikko Group Oy. Photo: Business Finland
Representatives of Maria 01. Photo: Business Finland
Representatives of Bayer. Photo: Business Finland
Representatives of RELEX Oy. Photo: Business Finland