President Niinistö inspects Army’s main exercise Kontio 22 in Northern Karelia

Photo: Jouni Mölsä / Office of the President of the Republic of Finland

President of the Republic of Finland Sauli Niinistö inspected the Army’s main exercise Kontio 22 in Northern Karelia on 28–29 November 2022

“We Finns have not forgotten the importance of security. You can see that people here are serious about the exercise, even the reservists,” the president said at a press meeting during the exercise.

On the evening of his arrival on Monday, President Niinistö was briefed on the arrangements for national defence in Northern Karelia, after which he spent the night in a half-platoon tent at the training area.

The following day, Tuesday, President Niinistö inspected the main exercise, including the activities of the Jaeger Company and the heavy battery. After that, the programme continued with reviewing the offensive and defensive combat of the troops. The President also had the opportunity of speaking with representatives of the North Karelia Border Guard and of having lunch with reservists.

“A swift, efficient and competent performance by the soldiers,” President Niinistö said after observing the conscripts participating in the exercise.

Kontio 22 is the Army’s main exercise of 2022. Approximately 8,000 soldiers take part in the exercise, including some 4,800 conscripts and 2,000 reservists. Some of the reservists serve as instructors in the exercise.