President Niinistö makes climate pledge

The President of the Republic of Finland, Sauli Niinistö, made a climate pledge, promising to reduce his greenhouse gas emissions.

President Niinistö, who chairs the Finnish delegation at the Paris Climate Conference, says that the Climate Pledge campaign that started in Finland is a fine example of how Finns take climate change issues seriously even at a very personal level.

“My carbon footprint reduction campaign began a few years ago when I had a geothermal heating system installed in our home. This cut our electricity consumption by about half. Since then we have switched to CO2-free electricity and are using more and more LED light bulbs. In the future I shall pay more attention to reducing food wastage. Finnish households throw away a total of 120–160 tonnes of food every year, which is equivalent to the environmental impact of 100,000 cars and a loss of 500 million euros,” says President Niinistö and encourages people to join in the campaign.

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