President Niinistö’s comment to the Finnish media 15 March 2023

“We have been in close contact with the presidential administration of Türkiye since last spring. Over the past few days, contacts have been even closer.

It was known that once President Erdoğan has for his part made the decision concerning the ratification of Finland’s NATO membership, he would wish to meet and fulfill his promise directly from President to President. The Turks have hoped that I be present when they announce this decision. Of course, I accepted the invitation and I will be there to receive his expression of will.

There has been much talk about Türkiye’s views over the year. We have been interacting with the presidential administration of Türkiye all along, because it is the views of the President of Türkiye that are crucial at this stage of decision-making.

Our contacts with Sweden have also been very close at all times, and even closer over the past few days. I have discussed this with the Swedish Prime Minister Kristersson. His press conference yesterday also referred in part to that contact. It is very important for Finland that both Finland and Sweden become members of NATO as soon as possible. I will continue my work to support Sweden’s NATO membership.”