Ismo Siikaluoma

Captain (Coast Guard, ret.)
General Staff Officer, National Defence University, 2007
Master Mariner, Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, 2004
Coast Guard Officer, National Defence University, 1996

Head of Administration and Finance Unit, Office of the President of the Republic, 2021
Head of Unit, Director of Maritime Safety, Border Guard Headquarters, 2017–2021
Deputy Commander, Air Patrol Squadron, 2016–2017
Deputy Commander, Gulf of Finland Coast Guard District, 2011–2015
Border Security Expert, Project Manager, Border Guard Headquarters, 2009–2010
Chief of the Maritime Operations, West Finland Coast Guard District, 2007–2008
Student Officer, National Defence University, 2005–2007
Patrol Ship Captain, Archipelago Sea Coast Guard District, 2000–2005
Head of Border Control Department, Archipelago Sea Coast Guard District, 1998–1999
Patrol Ship First Mate, Archipelago Sea Coast Guard District, 1996–1997