Finland 100: A Finnish jewel necklace presented to the institution of the Presidency

Photo: Matti Porre / Office of the President of the Republic

Photo: Matti Porre / Office of the President of the Republic

Office of the President of the Republic of Finland
Press release 28/2017
31 May 2017

The Finnish Goldsmiths’ Association presented the Office of the President of the Republic with a jewel necklace on 31 May 2017. The necklace was received by the first person to wear it, Mrs Jenni Haukio, in the president’s official residence in Mäntyniemi in Helsinki. The gift honours the centenary of Finland’s independence.

”I would like to thank the Finnish Goldsmiths’ Association for this valuable gift that honours the whole of Finland by reflecting our rich natural environment, our tradition in high-quality handicrafts and our distinctive design. I will have great pleasure in wearing this necklace for the first time at a banquet organised for the visit by the Nordic heads of state on the 1st of June,” said Mrs Haukio.

The necklace is intended to be worn by the head of state or their spouse. It is made of materials found underground in Finland: beryl gemstones from Luumäki, South Karelia, and gold panned from the River Lemmenjoki in Lapland. The necklace was designed by Heli Kauhanen, a Regional Artist in Jewellery Arts, and made by Goldsmith Juha Loikala. The beryl gemstones and gold for the necklace were donated by their finder.

The necklace reflects Finland

”This necklace tells a strong Finnish story, and is made of Finnish materials. Although a piece of jewellery is traditionally a very personal item, I am convinced that future Presidents of the Republic or their spouses will also be delighted to wear this necklace,” said Major-Domo Anne Puonti of the Office of the President of the Republic.

The necklace reflects Finland in many ways. The drop-shaped gemstones symbolise lakes, snow and light, the tensioned, crossing arches describe a dynamic people, and the oval-shaped curves represent water and the rugged beauty of Finnish nature.

”This necklace represents Finnish design and high-quality goldsmithery. We hope that our example will encourage experts in other sectors to maintain and develop their high-quality skills,” said Henrik Kihlman, Managing Director of the Finnish Goldsmiths’ Association.

Photographs of the presentation event will be available from the Flickr account of the Office of the President of the Republic, at