Finland 100: President Niinistö will celebrate Finland’s independence throughout the birthday week

Office of the President of the Republic
Press release 64/2017
24 November 2017

The centenary of Finland’s independence will culminate in the anniversary week, during which President of the Republic of Finland Sauli Niinistö will participate in a number of centenary events. On Thursday, 30 November, President Niinistö will give a speech at the unveiling ceremony of the National Memorial to the Winter War at Kasarmitori, Helsinki. On Friday, 1 December, the Presidential couple will make their traditional visit to the celebration of War Veterans at the Kauniala Hospital. 

Presidential couple completes the series of regional visits in Northern Ostrobothnia

On Saturday, 2 December, President Niinistö and Mrs Haukio will participate in the national Finland 100 celebration in Oulu, where they will also visit various events, such as the children’s Independence Day ball at the Oulu City Theatre. The visit to Northern Ostrobothnia will also round off the regional tour of the centenary year.

The Centenary Celebration will be officially opened at the Market Square in Helsinki

On Monday, 4 December, President Niinistö will make a school visit in Helsinki with representatives from the Finnish War Veterans’ Federation.

On Tuesday, 5 December, the Presidential couple will attend the jubilee plenary session of the Parliament. The same evening, President Niinistö will attend the official opening of Finland’s Centenary Celebration at the Market Square in Helsinki. This year the Independence Day festivities will already begin on Independence Day Eve. Finland will hoist the Finnish flag and the Presidential Palace and numerous other buildings and landmarks will be lit with blue and white lights.

The Independence Day begins at the Soldiers’ Graves

The Independence Day on the 6th of December will begin in the traditional manner at the Soldiers’ Graves at the Hietaniemi Cemetery in Helsinki. The next event of the day will be the ecumenical service at the Helsinki Cathedral followed by the service at the Uspenski Cathedral. Before the Independence Day Reception begins, the Presidential couple will greet the Students’ Independence Day parade from the balcony of the Presidential Palace. In addition to university students, the parade will this year also include students from the universities of applied sciences in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

The Presidential couple will congratulate babies born on the Independence Day

The Presidential couple will send a congratulatory letter to all the babies born in Finland on 6 December 2017. The newborns will also receive a baby package prepared by voluntary Marthas. The package includes various items, such as socks, a hat and mittens knitted by the Marthas.