Finland’s Independence Day celebration will reflect gratitude

Photo: Jon Norppa/The Office of the President of the Republic of Finland

Photo: Jon Norppa/The Office of the President of the Republic of Finland

Office of the President of the Republic of Finland
Press release 32/2021
17 November 2021

Independence Day will be celebrated this year at the Presidential Palace. On Monday, 6 December, President of the Republic of Finland Sauli Niinistö and Mrs Jenni Haukio will invite people who have worked for the good of health and Finnish society during the coronavirus pandemic.

“We know that healthcare staff have humanly faced extremely hard work and difficulties throughout the year. Inevitably, I am reminded of a statement made by Winston Churchill in quite another context, namely ‘never was so much owed by so many to so few’. We want this feeling of gratitude to be remembered and emphasised”, says President Niinistö.

The second theme for the reception this year is “much is well”. In accordance with this theme, those invited to the reception will include volunteers and guests who have contributed through their own actions to Finland’s strengths.

“The difficult coronavirus period has shown that much is well. In Finland, there is much that is good. Coping so well with the coronavirus challenge is testament to the fact that many other professions have also been stretched to the limit. People’s voluntary work has also been important”, says President Niinistö.

Currently, the total number of people invited to the reception is less than 200. Nearly all of those invited will be attending the event for the first time.

Traditional guests of honour on Independence Day, war veterans and members of the Lotta Svärd, will meet the presidential couple for a coffee event before Independence Day.

On Independence Day, the Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle will broadcast the events of the day and an interview with the presidential couple live on Yle TV1. Viewers will also have the opportunity to send their own greetings to the evening’s broadcast.

Preparations for Independence Day Reception are taking place in a changing situation. In addition to a smaller number of guests than usual, health security will be taken into account in all other arrangements at the reception. The development of the coronavirus situation will be monitored as preparations advance and the changing situation will be addressed as necessary.

Further information on the preparations will be announced closer to Independence Day.


Tasavallan presidentin puheenvuoro itsenäisyyspäivän vastaanotosta 17.11.2021

Kuva: Jon Norppa/Tasavallan presidentin kanslia