President Niinistö to inspect the Finnish Navy and visit the Archipelago National Park

Office of the President of the Republic of Finland
Press release 8/2021
28 May 2021

President of the Republic of Finland Sauli Niinistö will inspect the Finnish Navy at Russarö and visit the Archipelago National Park at Örö on Wednesday, 2 June 2021.

On the inspection visit, President Niinistö will be briefed on current issues of the Finnish Navy and the ongoing Ritva 21 exercise. The programme includes the viewing of live-firing during the exercise and demonstrations of anti-ship missile battery operations and the Finnish Coastal Jaegers in combat. In addition, the President will inspect a modernised Hamina Class missile vessel and talk with conscripts and Defence Force personnel.

The Finnish Navy is one of the three branches of the Defence Forces and it is responsible for military surveillance of territorial waters and repelling territorial violations, protecting sea lines of communication and combating maritime attacks. Ritva 21, the southern partial exercise of the Defence Forces’ spring 2021 main exercise, will involve troops from all branches of the Defence Forces as well as vessels from the Border Guard and Swedish Navy.

At Örö in the Archipelago National Park, President Niinistö will meet representatives of the Municipality of Kimitoön and discuss with them current issues of the area. In addition, the President will view the island and its nature with representatives of Metsähallitus.

The island of Örö was transferred from the Finnish Defence Forces to Metsähallitus in 2015, at which time it was incorporated into the Archipelago National Park and opened to the public. In addition to featuring historical fortresses and coastal defence attractions, Örö is also one of the southern Finland’s most important concentrations of endangered species and habitats.