Statement by President Niinistö on the election situation in the United States

Office of the President of the Republic of Finland
Press release 1/2021
7 January 2021

The United States Congress has today certified the result of the presidential election. The continuation of the constitutional process shows that the system is still working, even if it has been put to the test. We have also seen measures to restore order. A sense of responsibility is gaining ground. The transfer of power and the acceptance of a losing election result are key elements of the democratic order.

Debate within the United States must now look for answers as to why attitudes have hardened and escalated, and how national unity will be rebuilt.

It must be recognised that, in addition to aggressive political rhetoric and incitement, there are deeper reasons. There is also an underlying disappointment in the weakening of social status and inclusion, with the result that claims of arrogance on the part of those in power have found an audience. At worst, this leads to the disorder we have now seen, which is to be condemned.

With the transfer of power, it has been expected that the role of the United States in the international community will be strengthened. Internal discord will jeopardise this. It is therefore important for the international community, and for Finland too, that the situation in the United States is clarified.