Statement by President of the Republic Sauli Niinistö on the US presidential election 

Office of the President of the Republic of Finland
Press release 57/2016
9 November 2016

I congratulate Donald Trump on his election victory and the American people on the choice they have made. Donald Trump will become US president at a time when the global political situation is perhaps as tense as it has ever been since the end of the Cold War. The President of the United States has a unique position and responsibility in global politics. Donald Trump, the forthcoming leader of his country’s foreign policy, will have a major impact on how the world will look by the end of his term in office. It is crucial to us Finns that the United States remains committed to Europe and the security and stability of the Baltic region. 

Relations between Finland and the United States are perhaps closer than ever, which is a good position from which to continue. We collaborate on many issues: the economy, defence policy, Finland’s NATO partnership, combating terrorism, monitoring the arms trade and, of course, the Arctic region. In addition to direct bilateral relations, it is essential to work together for the benefit of humanity via the UN and other international organisations. 

I wish Donald Trump luck and wisdom in his challenging role as President of the United States, which is of great significance to the entire world.

Sauli Niinistö
President of the Republic