Statement by the President of the Republic of Finland: In times of extreme change, we must keep a cool head

Office of the President of the Republic of Finland
Press release 8/2022
3 March 2022

Yesterday, I convened a meeting of the chairs of parties elected to Parliament, the Speaker and Deputy Speaker of Parliament, and the chairs of the Foreign Affairs and Defence Committees. Together with the Commander of the Defence Forces, we had a serious discussion about Russia’s attack on Ukraine and the effects of the ongoing war on Finland’s security and Finland’s foreign and security policy. Our security environment is now undergoing rapid and extreme change. I fully understand the concern felt by Finns and the need to react to the situation. In the midst of an acute crisis, however, it is particularly important to keep a cool head and to assess with care the impact of past and possible future changes on our security – not hesitating, but with care. We unceasingly do this work for the security of Finland and Finns. Our common understanding of shared responsibility has become even stronger since yesterday.