The Office of the President of the Republic instructs staff on coronavirus

Office of the President of the Republic
Press Release 5/2020
9 March 2020

The Office of the President of the Republic has taken measures and issued instructions for the staff to contain the spread of the coronavirus. The instructions will affect the work of the staff in several ways.

As of last week, people no longer shake hands when they meet. Participation in meetings and travelling on government business will be limited to a minimum by using video conference facilities whenever possible. Additionally, no groups of visitors are received at the Presidential Palace until further notice.

Staff members are also urged not to travel to risk zones in their free time. Detailed instructions have also been issued in case a staff member suspects that they have been exposed to the coronavirus or exhibit symptoms at the workplace.

Moreover, all staff members must closely follow all the recommendations issued by the authorities. Most importantly, it is essential to understand one’s own responsibility for containing the spread of the virus.