Christmas message from the President of the Republic to Finnish peacekeepers

Dear Finnish peacekeepers,

This year, we have celebrated 100 years of Finnish independence. We are rightly proud of the safety and prosperity we enjoy in our country and of the principles  of democracy and the rule of law that underpin our society. With your international outlook, you will be well aware that these are not to be taken for granted. 

Wars and conflicts continue to cause suffering around the world today. Crisis management efforts by the international community remain a necessity, as many conflicts cannot be resolved through bi-lateral channels alone. In fact, around 500 Finnish peacekeepers are currently deployed internationally as part of 11 operations.

Through our crisis management efforts, we work to maintain our shared security and to ensure that we fulfil our responsibilities as a member of the international community. Thanks to our involvement, we are also helping to promote Finland’s security. The work that you do to safeguard and foster peace and stability internationally is truly meaningful and highly valuable.

You work in highly challenging environments, and your work entails risks and hazards that we here in Finland will never encounter. I would like to take this opportunity to extend my sincerest thanks to you for your selfless efforts on behalf of Finland and in the interests of peace and stability around the world.

Wishing you and your families a peaceful Christmas and every success in the New Year.

Sauli Niinistö
The President of the Republic of Finland