Visit to Hungary, Budapest
5.12. Statement; CSCE Summit 1994 Budapest

Visit to Germany
23.11. Speech at the Freie Universitšt in Berlin: Finland, The European Union and International Change

Visit to United States of America, New York
18.11. Remarks at the luncheon hosted by The Finnish American Chamber of Commerce in New York City
17.11. Speech; Inter Press Service 1994 International Achievement Award Ceremony New York City

Visit to United States of America
10.11. Remarks at the luncheon hosted by Georgia Pacific
7.11. Speech at the National Press Club luncheon

Visit to Norway
19.10. Speech at the University of Oslo: "The Nordic Countries in the changing international community

16.10. Television address following announcement of the result of the EU referendum
24.9. Speech in Tampere: Independent Finland and European integration
15.9. Speech in Rovaniemi: The Arctic Opportunities Conference

Visit to Denmark
7.9. Address to the Danish Foreign Policy Society in Copenhagen: Finland at the crossroads

6.9. Speech on the occasion of the 25th annual conference of the International Institute of Communications in Tampere
3.9. Speech at the Urho Kekkonen seminar in Pielavesi: Finland's international position in the '90s
18.8. Speech at the Central Organization of Finnish Trade Unions autumn seminar in Kiljava
5.7. Remarks at the opening ceremony of the Helsinki Round Table of The International Institute of Administrative Sciences

Visit to Korfu
24.6. Statement at the signing of accession treaty for new members of the European Union, Corfu

20.6. Address at the Opening of the Second European Conference on Environment and Health

Visit to Estonia
1.6. Address at the University of Tartu: The Baltic sea region within an integrating Europe

Visit to Russian Federation
18.5. Speech at a state dinner in Moscow

16.5. Address at the Annual Meeting of the National Defence Courses: Finnish foreign and security policy in the 1990s

State visit to Sweden
14.4. Speech at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs in Stockholm: Relations between Finland and Sweden in a changing Europe
14.4. Speech at Finlandiahuset

1.3. Reply to the Prime Minister
1.3. Remarks to the Diplomatic Corps accredited to Helsinki
1.3. Speech to Parliament





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