24.11.1999   Speech at the Autumn Meeting of the Federation of Finnish Commerce and Trade
  22.11.1999   Speech at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in Rome
  20.11.1999   Speech at a banquet in Ankara
  19.11.1999   Speech at a dinner hosted by TŘsiad at the Ciragan Palace Hotel (Ottoman Cabinet)

Statement by the President of the Republic of Finland Mr Martti Ahtisaari at the OSCE Summit Meeting, Istanbul

  11.11.1999   Dinner speech in connection with the ForeignMinisters' Conference on the Northern Dimension, Presidential Palace
  10.11.1999   Speech at a luncheon served in honour of Mr Marc FornÚ, the Head of Government of Andorra, Presidential Palace
  09.11.1999   Speech at a seminar on Local and regional administration in Tampere
  08.11.1999   Speech at a meeting in Jyvńskylń to commemorate the end of the Cold War
  05.11.1999   Speech at a conference arranged by the Parliament of Estonia in Tallinn
  04.11.1999   President of the Republic Martti Ahtisaari's article in Le Monde 4.11.1999, translation
(text in French)
  04.11.1999   Speech at a seminar marking the 20th anniversary of Institut Franšais des Relations Internationales in Paris, translation
(text in French)

Words at a memorial ceremony of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin in Oslo

  22.10.1999   Speech at a luncheon for Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and the other EU-Russia Summit participants and delegations at the Presidential Palace
  04.10.1999   Speech at a dinner hosted by President Ezer Weizman of Israel in Jerusalem
  04.10.1999   Presentation to the Israeli Council on Foreign Relations in Jerusalem
  30.09.1999   Speech at a dinner in honour of President Ruth Dreifuss of the Swiss Confederation in Helsinki
  28.09.1999   Speech at a dinner in honour of President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi of Italy in Helsinki
  20.09.1999   Speech at the European Seminar "Lifelong learning, liberal adult education and civil society" in Turku
  10.09.1999   Speech at a dinner hosted by President Leonid Kuchma of Ukraine in Yalta
  30.07.1999   Opening presentation, Sarajevo Stability Pact Summit
  29.07.1999   Opening statement, Sarajevo Stability Pact Summit
  29.06.1999   Speech at the EU-Latin American countries summit in Rio de Janeiro
  19.06.1999   Speech at the Karelian Summer Festival in Vaasa
  09.06.1999   Speech at the "Human Face of the Information society" Conference in Helsinki
  01.06.1999   Speech at a promotion and commissioning ceremony for cadets
  10.05.1999   Speech at a banquet in honour of President Jacques and Madame Bernadette Chirac in Helsinki also in French
  08.05.1999   Speech on "Europe Day" in Turku
  25.04.1999   Remarks at the Summit of the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council, Washington, DC
  21.04.1999   Speech to the Heads of the Diplomatic Missions accredited to Finland at the Presidential Palace in Helsinki
  15.04.1999   Speech to the New Goverment at the Presidential Palace in Helsinki
  15.04.1999   Speech to the Outgoing Goverment at the Presidential Palace in Helsinki
  13.04.1999   Address to the Annual Meeting of the National Defence Courses Association at the University of Helsinki
  31.03.1999   Speech at the opening of the 1999 Annual Session of Parliament
  16.03.1999   Speech at the ceremonial closing of Parliament at the end of its 1995-1999 term
  15.03.1999   Speech at a luncheon in honour of President Nelson Mandela of the Republic of South Africa at the Presidential Palace in Helsinki
  25.02.1999   Speech at a dinner hosted by Governor JosÚ Murat of the State of Oaxaca, Mexico
  25.02.1999   Speech at a breakfast meeting in Monterrey, Mexico
  24.02.1999   Speech at a dinner hosted by Governor Fernando Canales Clariond of Nuevo Leˇn in Monterrey, Mexico
  23.02.1999   Presentation at the MatÝas Romero Institute in Mexico City
  23.02.1999   Speech at a Mexican-Finnish Business Conference in Mexico City
  23.02.1999   Speech at a ceremonial session of the Permanent Commission of the Congress of Mexico
  22.02.1999   Speech at a banquet hosted by President Ernesto Zedillo of the United Mexican States in Mexico City
  22.02.1999   Speech at a function in Mexico City Hall
  22.02.1999   Speech at a welcoming ceremony in Mexico City
  17.02.1999   Speech at the Export Awards presentation ceremony at the Presidential Palace in Helsinki
  03.02.1999   Speech at a dinner hosted by President Manuel Chaves of the Government of Andalusia
  03.02.1999   Speech at a reception hosted by Mayor Soledad Becerril of Seville
  03.02.1999   Speech at a business leaders' meeting arranged by CEOE, the Confederation of Spanish Industry and Employers, in Madrid
  02.02.1999   Address at Complutensian University of Madrid
  02.02.1999   Speech of thanks at a luncheon hosted by Prime Minister JosÚ MarÝa Aznar in Madrid
  02.02.1999   Address to the Senate of Spain
  02.02.1999   Reply to an address of welcome by the Mayor of Madrid at a reception in the City Hall
  01.02.1999   Speech at a banquet hosted by King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia at the Royal Palace in Madrid
  21.01.1999   Speech on a visit to the Finnish Seamen's Church in Rotterdam
  20.01.1999   Speech at a banquet hosted by Queen Beatrix at Noordeinde Palace in the Hague
  20.01.1999   Speech at the Upper House of the States-General of the Netherlands
  20.01.1999   Address to the International Court of Justice in the Hague
  17.01.1999   Speech at the Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Mission's 140th anniversary in Helsinki
  06.01.1999   Speech at the Politics & Internet Congress
  01.01.1999   New Year's Speech

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