President Alexander Stubb visited the day-care centre Pakkalanrinteen päiväkoti in Vantaa on Tuesday 21 May 2024. Photo: Matti Porre/Office of the President of the Republic of Finland

President Stubb visits Pakkalanrinne day-care centre in Vantaa

On Tuesday 21 May 2024, President of the Republic of Finland Alexander Stubb visited the Pakkalanrinne day-care centre, Pakkalanrinteen päiväkoti, in Vantaa.

The children welcomed the President with a musical performance. During the children’s question and answer session, President Stubb answered questions about his job as President, his favourite colour, his favourite food, his favourite animal and his hobbies.

With the staff, the President discussed the day-to-day life of the day-care centre in a multicultural environment and early childhood education.

The six-year-olds in the pre-primary group had been following the presidential election very closely during the spring. During the visit, President Stubb was shown a video on how the issue had been addressed. The children had learnt about pre-election polls, previous presidents and their terms in office. In March, the pre-primary group had visited Parliament and talked to MPs about their hopes for the future. Pakkalanrinne day-care centre has seven full-time early childhood education and pre-primary education groups.

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