Renovation of the Mäntyniemi official residence

An extensive renovation of Mäntyniemi, the official residence of the President of the Republic of Finland, will begin in March 2024. During the renovation, the State Guest House in Munkkiniemi will serve as temporary premises.

Mäntyniemi, designed by architects Raili and Reima Pietilä, was originally inaugurated in November 1993.

Objectives of the renovation

The renovation will respect the original design of Mäntyniemi as much as possible. Mäntyniemi was designed as a total work of art, where the buildings, grounds, interior design, tableware and artworks form a carefully considered entity. Mäntyniemi’s buildings and surroundings are protected by a town plan adopted in 2021.

In the renovation, the energy efficiency of the buildings on the premises will be improved throughout. According to a condition inspection, the main building is generally in good condition and has retained its original appearance. The main building will undergo technical building system repairs, and ventilation equipment will be replaced. Furnishings and lighting fittings will also be upgraded. The biggest changes relate to the renewal and construction of lifts.

The technical building systems of the outbuildings and the gatehouse in the area will be comprehensively modernised. Their structures will be strengthened and the roof replaced. Additional office space will be created in the outbuilding.

In the outdoor areas, the most significant changes will take place on the adjacent Päiväranta plot and around the gatehouse.

Renovation schedule

The renovation of Mäntyniemi will begin in March 2024 and be completed in spring 2026. During the renovation, the State Guest House in Munkkiniemi will be used as temporary premises for Mäntyniemi.

Who will carry out the project?

The designers for the project have been selected through public competitive tenders. All those selected were required, either as a minimum requirement or as a selection criterion, to have references from similar projects involving a protected building.

  • ALA Arkkitehdit Oy has been selected to carry out the architectural design of the buildings
  • Indepro Oy has been selected as the developer consultant
  • Ramboll Finland Oy has been to iselected mplement the electrical and HVAC design

How much will the renovation cost?

The current cost estimate for the renovation is approximately EUR 55 million, including the cost of using the temporary premises. This estimate will be refined as the design and tendering process progresses.

The article will be updated as the project advances. Latest update: 12 January 2024